Jasmine Elizabeth Smith recently moved to the low desert of Southern California from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.A. in English Education and a minor in Creative Studies and Native American Studies in 2012. She previously worked as a 9th and 10th Grade English teacher for the Oklahoma City Public School District. On her summers off, she pursues her passion for language and education in the Creative Writing class of the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute as a Creative Liaison and guest instructor for poetry electives. If you catch her on an off day, you’ll find Ms. Smith singing and playing her fiddle for a local folk ensemble, cultivating her garden, practicing yoga, writing poetry, scouring a record store for a new gem to toss on her turntable, playing with her kitten Arlo Scout Hazelwood, devouring compelling works of literature, or embarking in her next creative venture. She teaches 6th and 7th grade English at the Highland Academy Charter School.