Meet Our Team

At Highland Academy, our priority is helping students find their genius.  Our passionate, dedicated teachers and staff spend countless hours ensuring that each student is given opportunities for fun, learning, growth and self-reflection.

Our Administrative Team

Brent Bishop
Brent BishopProgram Director
Billy McIntosh
Billy McIntoshAssistant Program Director
Sam Mosher
Sam MosherDirectors' Assistant
Terrence Lee
Terrence LeeDirector of Finance

Our Support Staff

Kerrie Fairchild
Kerrie FairchildStudent Mentor
Jennifer Djonne
Jennifer DjonneCampus Supervisor; HOWL
Katie McIntosh
Katie McIntoshOffice Assistant

Our Amazing Teachers!

Mandi Bourland
Mandi Bourland7th Grade Math; ASB Advisor
Brandy Lee
Brandy Lee8th Grade Math
Paige Polcene
Paige Polcene8th Grade Language Arts
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith6th Grade Language Arts
Humberto Reyes
Humberto Reyes6th and 7th Social Studies
Leanna Hiraoka
Leanna Hiraoka7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Estella Robinson
Estella Robinson7th and 8th Grade Science
Maryam Aliari
Maryam Aliari6th and 7th Grade Science
Angel Perez
Angel Perez7th and 8th Grade PE
Tera Turley
Tera Turley6th and 7th PE
Will Pearson
Will PearsonSTEM
Jessica Whitford
Jessica WhitfordChoir and Drama
Claudia Villeda
Claudia VilledaSpanish and PE
Bethany Spellman
Bethany SpellmanTK-1 Elementary (Independent Study)
Stephanie Hunsucker
Stephanie Hunsucker4th Grade
Tamara Thomas
Tamara ThomasYearbook, Journalism and Art
Heather Saunders
Heather Saunders2nd/3rd Grade Combo
Chris Valdivia
Chris Valdivia5th Grade
Alex Strachan
Alex Strachan7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
Michelle Alves
Michelle Alves6th and 7th Math