Husky families! Nobody likes shots 😞 However, we must be compliant with state law. Some of our kiddos are coming home this week with brightly colored sheets of paper. We need proof of specific vaccinations for these students to continue their enrollment at our school. Please check your student’s backpack/notebook and see if this affects you. If you have any questions or are unsure about your student’s status, please contact the front office to make sure.

A Student-Centered Approach…

At Highland Academy we recognize that every child learns in their own unique way, and our dedicated teaching staff recognizes that. If a child learns best from auditory lessons, visual demonstration, or tactile labs we provide environments specifically to enrich each learning child’s learning experience.

Learning Beyond The Classroom…

While a solid classroom experience and proven curriculum are the foundation of our student experience we also understand that there is no substitute for real-world experience. This being the case we regularly engage in exploratory learning to bring education to life.

Parent & Family Involvement…

At Highland Academy Charter School we believe that educational goals are best reached together, with parents and family being an integral part of the process. It is for this reason we regularly invite parents and family members to be a part of the educational experience and school based activities.

Our Mission

Highland Academy exists to build strong character, foster self-motivation, and help all of our students Find Their Genius.  Students will be expected to strive for academic success with hard work, personal excellence through self-discipline, and develop strong character through honesty, integrity, and service.

Your safety is our number one concern at Highland Academy!  If you know about bullying going on or an unsafe situation on campus, please tell an adult.  You are also welcome to submit a confidential report to school administration by clicking here.